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Panathinaikos - Botev

Media Accreditations for the 2024/25 Season

Botev (Plovdiv) has started the procedure for issuing media accreditations for journalists and photographers for the 2024/25 season. During the new campaign, the club will introduce some changes in this direction.

Any media that wishes can apply for and receive accreditation for the entire 24/25 season. The request is sent to press@botevplovdiv.bg and must include the desired number of journalistic (PRESS) and photographic (PHOTO) passes for the particular media. They will be in the name of the media, not a specific person. If the request is approved, the club reserves the right to determine how many seasonal accreditations to award in relation to the particular edition. For example, regional editions can claim 1 PRESS pass and 2 PHOTO passes, national – 2 PRESS and 3 PHOTO.

The new passes will apply to all home matches of Botev (Plovdiv) in the 24/25 season in the championship and for the Bulgarian Cup. Before each match, however, any media that has been accredited for the season must still declare their attendance at the particular upcoming match and receive written confirmation from the club that the attendance request has been approved.

How to apply for media accreditation for the 24/25 season:

  1. Send an email to press@botevplovdiv.bg
  2. Apply for a number of PRESS and PHOTO accreditations and note the name of the media for which the passes in question are needed;
  3. Receive a written response from the club as to whether the request and the number of desired accreditations have been approved;
  4. Send an email from an approved media outlet prior to a specific match stating an intention to attend an upcoming match;
  5. Receive a written response from the club as to whether the attendance request has been approved.

Botev reserves the right to approve or deny accreditations and attendance requests during the course of the season. Media who have received Seasonal Media Credentials must keep their passes for the duration of the 24/25 season and declare their presence via email prior to each home match of Botev they wish to cover.

Requests for accreditations for Botev’s European matches at home will be different and will be applied for in advance before each of the matches. Stay tuned for more information regarding the media coverage of the first UEFA Europa League match against the Slovenian Maribor.

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