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Botev - Arda

Botev - Arda

Botev FC Partners

As the world’s first club to integrate Bitcoin into its fabric and operations,
Botev FC is uniquely positioned to reach tens of millions of people
at the intersection of football and finance.

112 Years

Fervent +100k generational fanbase 

First Mover

Unique Bitcoin strategy to grow audience exponentially

Riveting Underdog

From a Bulgarian club to a European football titan

Ingredients For

Visionary leadership, modern infrastructure, historic city

Reach millions while making history with Botev

Спомени и пророчества на един ветеран

Жоро Николов, привърженик на Ботев, споделя скъпи спомени и бъдещите възможности за Ботев и Биткойн – две големи теми в неговия живот:

  • Ботев пише история
  • Проблемът с централизацията
  • Името “Ботев” не умира
  • За силата на колективната памет
  • За личният суверинитет
  • За свободата на изказа
  • Най-доброто тепърва предстои!

World first campaigns

  • Unique campaigns never done before by sports clubs
  • Global coverage in Bitcoin & crypto media
  • Likely coverage in global sports and business
  • Niche coverage by influencers and social media

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