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Botev - Arda


PFC Botev AD, as the owner of the domain www.botevplovdiv.bg , collects and processes the personal data voluntarily provided by you when visiting the Official Website of the club, as well as when using its services.

The need for these actions is driven by our desire to ensure its maximum functionality as well as better and faster access to information or services.

PFC Botev AD uses the personal data provided by you only for the needs of the Official website of the club – www.botevplovdiv.bg and the services provided through it.

The only exception to the rule is when they are required by law from state institutions entitled to have them.

Your personal data is processed only by employees authorized to handle it for the purposes of the Official Club Site.

The personal data that PFC Botev AD processes when you visit the official website of the club – www.botevplovdiv.bg , are as follows:

  1. When contacting the club using email or a feedback form: email, name, address and phone.
  2. When accessing the features of the Official Club Site – www.botevplovdiv.bg : location, IP address, browser and operating system.
  3. When registering on the Club’s Official Website – www.botevplovdiv.bg : name, contact details, address, phone, email, nationality, gender, username and password.
  4. When using the online store of PFC Botev AD and placing orders through it: names, contact details, address, telephone, e-mail, nationality, gender, username and password, payment methods and means.

The official website of PFC Botev AD – www.botevplovdiv.bg uses cookies. They are used to store settings and identifiers aimed at better and easier navigation of the site by users.

Your personal data will be stored by PFC Botev AD within one calendar year from the last login to the Official Website of the club – www.botevplovdiv.bg and/or after the termination of your registration.

In case you have any questions regarding the processing of and the right of access to your personal data, as well as if you wish them to be corrected or supplemented, PFC Botev AD will assist you, for this purpose you can contact us using the following contacts: telephone +359 32 20 33 76; e-mail: fc_botev@temp.botevplovdiv.bg

PFC Botev AD will not process unreasonably repetitive requests, as well as those that threaten the confidentiality of other users of the Official Website of the club – www.botevplovdiv.bg.

In the event of a change in the privacy policy concerning the official website of PFC Botev AD – www.botevplovdiv.bg, a notice about it will be published in a prominent place on the website and the same will be updated with the current information.

By visiting the Official Site of PFC Botev AD – www.botevplovdiv.bg , you confirm that you have read the Privacy Policy and agree with its contents.

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