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Panathinaikos - Botev

Panathinaikos - Botev


On the eve of the Botev team’s winter camp in Belek (Turkey), the club is launching a bold charity initiative in partnership with the Night of the Angels Foundation.

The rest of the preparation of the “yellow-black” team will be held under the title “Camp of goodness“, and for each of our winter friendly matches in Turkey, we will be selling online tickets.

The symbolic charity virtual passes will be priced at BGN 2, BGN 5, BGN 10, BGN 20 and BGN 50, and everyone will be able to choose the amount to donate.

We have been supporting the “Night of the Angels” Foundation since the beginning of the season. 100% of the collected funds will go to support the charity campaigns of the organization “Night of the Angels”, as part of the club’s social responsibility.

During the campaign, Botev and the “Night of the Angels” Foundation will inform you about the amounts collected after each match, as well as the campaigns that will be supported!

“The Camp of Goodness” will end with the match against Heber (Pazardzhik), which will be played at the “Nikola Shterev – Starika” Football Complex on February 10.

Let’s show together that we can be a supportive community! Support Botev, support goodness in the world!

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