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Panathinaikos - Botev

Panathinaikos - Botev

Botev Business Club

PFC Botev has a broad portfolio of marketing and advertising opportunities aimed at connecting businesses with their target audience and improving communication with the end customer. A dedicated sales team works closely with companies to ensure campaigns achieve maximum results.


“Botev Plovdiv Business Club aims to build a society in which the club is an intermediary between the huge number of fans who support it and the companies that are its partners.

The Club wishes to help its partner companies by providing a customer network and inter-partner business relationships . “Botev” is a club that partners with companies from different industries and wants to build a network of companies that do business on the best possible terms.

The club will organize free business trainings, organize events for non-working purposes, provide Skybox rentals on non-working days at discounted rates, and discounts on advertising packages. The employees of the Botev Business Club companies will be provided with dental health care.

“Botev is one of the symbols of Plovdiv and we have set ourselves the task of helping our supporters and our partners to have as many privileges as possible because they support the “yellow-black” idea.

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