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Botev - Arda

Botev - Arda

182 years since the birth of the Apostle of Freedom

Dear Botevists,

On today’s date in 1837 in Karlovo was born the Apostle of Bulgarian freedom Vasil Levski. There are hardly enough strong words with which any patriotic Bulgarian could describe his adoration and gratitude to the work of the man who dedicated his life to Bulgaria being a free and independent country.

In our desire to honour one of the immortal sons of Bulgaria, we will rely on the letter written by his friend and patron of our club Hristo Botev to Kiril Tuleshkov, in which the spiritual strength and character of the Apostle is briefly but very clearly described.

From a letter of Hristo Botev to Kiril Tuleshkov:

“… I am writing to you, my friend, that I stayed here (in Bucharest) with the intention of becoming a teacher in the Bulgarian school, but I was greatly deceived. I have come to such a pitiful situation that you could not describe. I live in utter poverty; the rags I have have been torn off and I am ashamed to go out into the streets. I live at the very edge of Bucharest in a windmill – together with my compatriot Vasil Deacon.

Do not ask about our livelihood, because we hardly find bread every two and three days to satisfy our hunger… These days I am thinking of holding a skit in the “Brotherly Love” community center, but how I will appear – I do not know! With all this critical situation I still do not lose my courage and do not change my honest word…

My friend Levski, with whom we live, is an unheard of character! When we are in the most critical situation, it is as cheerful then as when we are at our best. Cold, wood and stone crack, hungry for two or three days, and he sings and sè merry! In the evening – until we go to bed – he sings; in the morning, when he opens his eyes, he sings again. No matter how much you are in despair, he will cheer you up and make you forget all your sorrows and sufferings. It’s nice to live with such personalities …”

Hr. Botyov

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