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Купа на България: Етър - Ботев

Етър - Ботев

Yellow-Black heroes reach the Bulgarian cup semifinal!

Botev Plovdiv reached the semifinal of the Bulgarian Cup, after returning from 1:3 in the first leg of the quarterfinals, and beating Levski Sofia 2-0 at home ground. The heroes in yellow-black shirts defeated the Sofian team with goals from Luis Pedro and Yunes Hamza in the second half.

The Canaries started their attacks from the first minute, since they needed to return at least two goals. Levski were defending well and until the halftime, Botev didn’t manage to score a goal. In the second half Luis Pedro came in play and his substitution payed-off soon. He reached a good pass from Jordan Hristov alongside the goal-line and scored for 1-0 in the 50th minute. 

Ferebori Dore scored the second goal with a shot from close distance, which sent Botev ahead in the 72 minute, making the best from a pass from Hamza. Until the end The Canaries closed the ways to their goal for Levski’s forwards, and had chances to score a third goal, but the game ended 2-0. 

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