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Panathinaikos - Botev

Panathinaikos - Botev

Dusan Kerkez Reflects on Victory Over Pirin

Botev’s head coach Dusan Kerkez shared his thoughts after the team’s 3:1 win against Pirin in the 18th round of the First League. Kerkez acknowledged the team’s shaky start, surprised by Pirin’s early goal, but was ultimately satisfied with a well-deserved victory.

Here are Dusan Kerkez’s initial remarks post-match:

“The start was shocking for us. It took some time to recover from that. We created numerous chances, scored our goals, and deservedly won. In the second half, we experienced moments of panic, but we had to endure and eventually managed it.”

“‘Pirin’ is a good team. They play fantastic on transitions. When you play for Botev at home, you need to dominate but also be cautious defensively. Honestly, I wouldn’t like to see my team play the way we did in the last 15-20 minutes,” he added.

“We have young players improving every day. We’re giving them chances and working hard. With each game, they gain more confidence in their actions. From day one here, I have felt warmly welcomed. I want to thank the fans for coming to the stadium in this cold weather and hope we made them happy. I wish Pirin success going forward,” stated Kerkez.

“We’ll try to play each match this way. In Bulgaria, there are no easy games. There’s no team that just shows up expecting to lose,” concluded our coach.

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