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Botev - Arda

Botev - Arda


On October 31st, 2023 (Block height: 814670), Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s oldest football club became the first elite football team to embrace Bitcoin! 

Bitcoin is still misunderstood

Just like the Internet was largely neglected as a fad. And just like the Internet became an integral part of all communications, the club believes Bitcoin is becoming an integral part of the economic life of all our fan and business partners.

The club’s management works relentlessly to integrate this technology of the future in its operations so it elevates the club to new heights.

PFC Botev Plovdiv is not only Bulgaria’s oldest football club in the country. Botev is an institution with a social and public mission to do good in all its dimensions. The club considers Bitcoin technology to be a tool that has huge potential to bring good to the club, its fans and the general public.

What does Botev FC do with Bitcoin?

1. We Accept Bitcoin Payments

We welcome Bitcoin users to use the world’s hardest money at Botev’s matches and fanshops!

2. We Give Bitcoin as Cashback

We spread our Bitcoin revenues as cashback to our fans who use cash at our fanshops.

3. We Educate

We show and share how Bitcoin works and benefits fans, players, and sponsors.

Спомени и пророчества на един ветеран

Жоро Николов, привърженик на Ботев, споделя скъпи спомени и бъдещите възможности за Ботев и Биткойн – две големи теми в неговия живот:

  • Ботев пише история
  • Проблемът с централизацията
  • Името “Ботев” не умира
  • За силата на колективната памет
  • За личният суверинитет
  • За свободата на изказа
  • Най-доброто тепърва предстои!

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