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Botev - Arda

Botev - Arda

Botev formed a new partnership with Eat&Go

PFK Botev (Plovdiv) has entered into a partnership with Eat&Go – the largest sandwich production company in Bulgaria.

We care about quality and providing the right and tasty food is of primary importance to us. Especially when it comes to feeding the smallest “canaries” in Botev (Plovdiv).

That’s why we trust Eat&Go. We are happy to partner with the largest sandwich production company in Bulgaria.

Eat&Go was launched in 2015, and today it is already among the most recognizable brands in the country. They offer an opportunity for everyone not only to eat something “on the go” in the hectic everyday life, but also to enjoy top quality in every sandwich. Eat&Go relies on specially selected products from leading Bulgarian farms without adding materials with vegetable fats or substitute products.

Vasil Ilarionov, owner of Eat&Go: “Through continuous control over the production process and strict incoming control of the raw materials from which our sandwiches are made, we manage to offer our partners and customers an unchanging quality of our products. Our policy is completely oriented towards the needs and the taste of our customers and this makes us a stable and reliable business partner that you can rely on and trust.”

We are happy to add another valuable partner as part of our “yellow and black” family.

See all partners of PFC “Botev” Plovdiv here.

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