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From history: 102 years since the establishment of the club colours

22 August 1917 remains in the history of Botev Football Club as the date when the club colours – yellow and black – were officially established. Colours whose meaning we can only be proud of as Bulgarians and Plovdiv citizens.

On this day 102 years ago, the management of Botev held a meeting at which decisions were taken to draw up a club statute and rules for the internal regulation of the club.

The club members present at the event confirmed by vote and finally formalized yellow and black as the colors with which “Botev” would be identified over the years.

The choice of the same was by no means random. What message our ancestors left with it to the next generations of Botevists we learn from Minutes No. 22 of August 22, 1917, when this so important for the future of the club meeting was held.

Protocol No. 22

From 22 August 1917

At a meeting of the Board of Governors in the presence of all members, the following decisions were taken by unanimous vote:

To develop a Club Constitution that defines the rights and responsibilities of each member, as well as the activities and purpose of the club.

To establish by-laws for the club as required by the Ordinance.

It was unanimously agreed at the meeting that the club colours, enshrined in the constitution and used by the club as official colours from now on, are yellow and black. This fix as combine in themselves the following symbols:

Yellow, the color of our founding fathers at St. Augustine Catholic College, and the golden wheat of Thrace.

Black – the black soil of our fertile soil and the color of orthodoxy from our founders of the “1st Men’s High School”.

The club colors are decided in finality and are listed in the bylaws.

By choosing yellow and black, the Botevists demonstrated both their immense love for their homeland and their respect for two of the most significant spiritual centres in Plovdiv, where our ancestors laid the foundations of the legendary Botev.

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