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Botev - Arda

Botev Announces the 19/12 SATSback Campaign

Today, as we celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the creation of the Bitcoin network, we are proud to announce the 19/12 satsback campaign, which will make Botev fans shopping even more accessible! Our goal is simple orange-pill thousands of Botev fans!

On October 31st 2023, Botev Plovdiv FC became the first premier football team to embrace Bitcoin! Since then we introduced Bitcoin payments in the club’s Fan Shops, we have seen hundreds of Bitcoin enthusiasts and Botev fans buying jerseys, sports merch and our exclusive club products with Bitcoin.

We are now using the proceeds we realized from the Bitcoin community to distribute as small gifts to our fans who do not hold Bitcoin yet. To celebrate this Bitcoin anniversary, starting today, January 3rd, for the next 19 days, we are offering 12% satsback on every purchase from the club’s fan physical shops!

How to take advantage of our Satsback campaign?

  1. Shop at PFC Botev’s Fan Shop and pay with cash.
  2. Save your receipt.
  3. Send it to us and you’ll get 12% of your purchase back in Bitcoin!

The SATSback campaign is only valid for the next 19 days (03.01.2024 – 21.01.2024), or until the amount of Bitcoin collected by our Bitcoin customers is exhausted. Don’t miss it!

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