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Botev - Arda

Botev Plovdiv becomes the first elite football club to adopt Bitcoin and Nostr

Botev Plovdiv FC, the oldest and most esteemed Bulgarian football club, is setting new standards by integrating the world’s leading decentralized monetary and communication technologies into its operations.

Today marks a significant milestone as Botev Plovdiv FC announces its adoption of Bitcoin payments. Reflecting on the day, 15 years ago, when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a revolutionary payment technology, Bitcoin now stands as a testament to secure, efficient, and borderless transactions available round the clock.

Effective immediately, fans can utilize Bitcoin for peer-to-peer payments at Botev Plovdiv FC’s fan shops and central stands during matches. The club also has plans in the pipeline to extend Bitcoin payments for ticketing and its online store.

Anton Zingarevich, the president of the 111-year-old football club, shared, “Our enthusiasm for Bitcoin, especially the Lightning network, is immense. We foresee Bitcoin payments becoming as ubiquitous as the internet in our daily lives.This integration not only aligns with our vision but also offers our fans and stakeholders unparalleled convenience.”

This initiative was made possible through a strategic partnership with BTCPayServer, a global leader in Bitcoin payment processing known for its open-source architecture, secure infrastructure, and zero merchant fees.

Nicolas Dorier, founder of BTCPayServer, expressed, “Promoting local Bitcoin adoption has been our prime focus this year. Witnessing our open-source project resonate with local communities is truly rewarding. We remain committed to supporting such transformative endeavors.”

The technical aspects of this integration were seamlessly handled by CryptoDesk.bg, in collaboration with Bitcoinize.com, the global pioneer of Bitcoin POS devices.

In tandem with this progressive step, Botev Plovdiv FC has also revamped its online presence and updated its official website, enhanced its English social media channels, and ventured into the decentralized Nostr-based social media, a move that aligns with the club’s vision of embracing decentralized modern communication platforms.

In embracing these cutting-edge technologies, Botev Plovdiv FC reaffirms its position at the forefront of football’s evolution. The club’s dedication to progress promises exciting times ahead for fans and stakeholders alike.

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