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Botev - Arda

Botev spreading the Bitcoin brand to millions

Today marks the kickoff of spreading Bitcoin awareness and education with the ₿ brand now prominently shining on our players’ sleeves. Bitcoin has become a signature global brand in only 15 years of existence, and its logo is well recognized by millions across the world. Yet, we still have work to do until the Bitcoin brand and technology reach all people globally. Botev FC is proud to be accelerating this reach. The club’s goal is to draw attention to Bitcoin as an advanced technology which we expect will affect everyone in society. Our move aims to gauge the interest of our fans, rival supporters, local community members, and a global audience at large all while integrating the Bitcoin brand with our club’s signature yellow and black palette.

Will sticking a logo onto a jersey improve our game and change the world for the better? 


Bringing the Bitcoin brand to the attention of millions of fans, TV viewers and followers is only the initial move in our commitment to grow the awareness and understanding of Bitcoin. While we’re thrilled to showcase the distinctive yellow and black Bitcoin logo on our players’ sleeves, beware of more intriguing news that will be coming soon.

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” 

William Arthur Ward

Education is a vital part of the integration of Bitcoin inside Botev’s club, fan base and century-long legacy. We believe Bitcoin is becoming an integral part of global payments and finance. Botev FCis determined to deliver value, spark discussions, which educate our fans, local community members and the wider audience about Bitcoin and sound money. 

Hence, placing the Bitcoin brand on Botev FC’s uniform sleeve is our way to invite people to  #StudyBitcoin. With millions watching and fans proudly wearing Botev jerseys, our message aims to reach curious minds and spark conversations about the opportunities Bitcoin offers.

“Ok, you’ve got my undivided attention. How do I learn more?”

Well, just like Bitcoin itself, we chose not to rush into anything, but rather secure a solid foundation to build upon and grow our educational base over time. We’ve started off with Bitcoin meetups, which are held every first Tuesday of the month, where we discuss Bitcoin and future plans of Botev FC. Welcomed byPlovdiv’s Fargo Club we’ve secured a venue for Bitcoiners and Botivists to meet and share their ideas, experience and build a community of people dedicated to elevate Botev and spread knowledge of Bitcoin. .

For example, at our first meetup we presented the Bulgarian translation of the very popular “The Price of Tomorrow” book by Jeff Booth. The second meetup focused on Botev Plovdiv’s move to start accepting Bitcoin and how this initiative could benefit the team, the community, and the city of Plovdiv. 

“Curiouser and curiouser!”


A logo on Botev FC jerseys may look like a small step, but it could well become the beginning of an exciting and maybe even a never-ending journey of new interactions between our fans, players, partners, and the wider community. 

Join us on this journey to a brighter and sounder future 🧡 with our yellow-black team 💛 🖤

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