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Botev - Botev Vratsa

Botev - Botev Vratsa

Botev lost against Ludogorets

The team of Botev (Plovdiv) lost 0:2 against Ludogorets. The match from the XXIV round of the First League was played at the “Hristo Botev” stadium.

The match was extremely emotional for all “yellow-black” hearts.

Yesterday, the legendary number 7 from the 60s and 70s of Botev Georgi Popov – Tumbi left this world.

Charismatic, humble, dedicated, hardworking, honest, irreplaceable, guardian of beauty and faith in football. Such was our Tumbi. Such will remain in the memories of all fans of the oldest football club in Bulgaria. A man who gave his life for football, went through catharsis to stay true to his principles until his last earthly hour. Toombie was the real Don Quixote in the yellow and black ranks, synonymous with all the great qualities we find less and less today.

For Tumbi, whatever we say today will be little. But the most important thing is to remember him as he was – steadfast in his principles, true to his ideals.

In memory of the great Georgi Popov, “Izlel e Delio Haidutin” was played by the “Nazdravitsa” band.

Just before the warm-up of the Botevists, head coach Dusan Kerkez was forced to make a substitution. Antoine Conte was injured and Jonas Tamm replaced him in the center of defense.

Ludogorets took the lead in the 13th minute after a long pass to Son who overcame James Eto’o, crossed to Kwadwo Dua and he headed into Matvei Igonen’s goal for 0-1.

In the 26th minute, Ludogorets scored a second goal after Jakub Piotrovski measuredly intercepted a cross and checked Igonen for 0:2.

In the 33rd minute, Emmanuel Umeh crossed to Samuel Akere, but he failed to play well. A few minutes later, Balogiannis crossed from a corner, the ball reached Antonio Perera, but he couldn’t finish. In the added time of the first part, Ivelin Popov shot from the edge of the penalty area, but straight into the hands of Sergio Padt.

Ludogorets scored for the third time in the match, but the goal was canceled due to an off-side call from the referee.

In the last minutes of the match, Ivelin Popov failed to score. He was allowed by the Ludogorets defense to enter the penalty area and look for the far corner of the goal, but the shot was not measured and went wrong.

STARTING SQUAD: 32. Matvey Igonen – 79. Atanas Chernev, 5. Jonas Tamm, 15. James Eto’o, 38. Konstantinos BaloGiannis (83 – 18. Dimitar Papazov) – 20. Antonio Perera, 28. Yannis Karabelyov (46 – 4. Ehije Ukaki), 10. Ivelin Popov (K), 16. Samuel Akere (63 – 7. Mohamed Brahimi), 31. Ume Emmanuel (73 – 42. Ivaylo Videv) – 9. Martin Sekulic (46 – 93. Georgi Nikolov)

RESERVES: 22. Daniel Kaiser – 4. Ehije Ukaki, 7. Mohamed Brahimi, 17. Nikolay Minkov, 18. Dimitar Papazov, 30. Lachezar Baltanov, 42. Ivaylo Videv, 93. Georgi Nikolov

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