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Panathinaikos - Botev

Panathinaikos - Botev

Botev and hospital “St. George” join forces

It is with great excitement that we inform you that PFC “Botev” and hospital “St. George” are starting a joint activity, entirely oriented for the benefit of society.

The oldest football club and the oldest health facility in Plovdiv are starting their cooperation with an initiative aimed at the development of children’s health care. The pediatric surgery clinic at St. George’s Medical Center needs the purchase of a bronchoscope and a set for VATS procedures, with which it can introduce and develop modern thoracoscopic methods for treatment in children.

As an initial step for the successful implementation of the initiative, the club’s management, the sports and technical staff and the players from the representative men’s team wanted to be the first to donate personal funds in support of the cause.

PFC “Botev” decided that part of the revenue from the tickets sold for the upcoming concert of Goran Bregovic, which will be held on 11.09.2024 at the “Hristo Botev” stadium, will be directed to raising funds for the purchase of the necessary equipment.

We also appeal to our business partners to join the noble initiative, with which we can together support the development of children’s health care in the city of Plovdiv.

Wishing to show a gesture of respect to our new partners, as well as to confirm the return of the original moral values ​​of PFC “Botev”, the club’s management decided to place the logo of the Children’s Surgery Clinic at the “St. George” hospital on the official match jerseys, with which the representative men’s team will play their upcoming matches in the European club tournaments.

Over the years, PFC “Botev” has built its image as a respected institution, being an invariable and important part of the life of the city of Plovdiv not only with its sporting successes, but also with its commitment and support to all meaningful causes and endeavors accompanying and strengthening its development .

It is an honor for us to continue the work of our ancestors, raising the spiritual values ​​of the club to a pedestal worthy of the name of our Patron – Hristo Botev.

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