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CSKA Sofia - Botev

CSKA Sofia - Botev

Bitcoin Wallet AQUA
Botev Mode

Promoting a financially sovereign future for fans, players, and the club’s community!

JAN3 and Botev Plovdiv FC join forces

JAN3’s AQUA wallet introduces “Botev Mode,” blending the club’s iconic colors with enhanced Bitcoin functionality, combining Lightning and Liquid networks, making Bitcoin more accessible to over 100,000 Botev fans and the local community.

Simple saving, spending, and transacting

By harnessing the power of the Liquid and Lightning networks, AQUA gives people the ability to save and spend using Bitcoin or Tether USDT in a clean and simplified interface. 

Financial Empowerment

The AQUA Wallet’s new “Botev Mode” not only embraces the team’s vibrant yellow-black palette but also introduces Bulgarian language support, accelerating the hyperbitcoinization via football in Bulgaria.

Your all-in-one Bitcoin wallet

Hold, swap, and transact with your Bitcoin and gain easy access to Lightning and the Liquid Network.

Access to US Dollars with Ultra-Low Fees

AQUA focuses on the power of the US Dollar, providing stability and accessibility to users in Latin America and beyond.


Complete Control

Non-Custodial Core: Own your keys and your assets. AQUA is built on the cornerstone principle of self-sovereignty, giving you control over your Bitcoin and your money as a whole.

Banking for the yellow-black family

Join the financial revolution and seamlessly transact in Bitcoin, Lightning, and Liquid assets including Tether USDt with AQUA’s new Botev Mode!