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Botev - Arda

Botev - Arda

A Month of Strong Matches and Bitcoin Innovation

It’s been a thrilling month since Botev Plovdiv boldly stepped into the future of finance by embracing Bitcoin and Nostr. Our journey, which began on October 31, has seen big milestones, and it’s time to celebrate these.

1. Embracing the Future: Bitcoin & Nostr

Our announcement about adopting Bitcoin and Nostr was a statement of our commitment to stay true to Botev’s history of leadership and pioneering. This move not only positioned us as a forward-thinking club but also opened new avenues for interactions between fans, players, and sponsors.. Shortly after the announcement Botev played one of its strongest matches this season in the derby against Lokomotiv Plovdiv.

2. The Bitcoin Brand:Shining On Our Jerseys

A week after the announcement, we placed the Bitcoin ‘₿’ on our jerseys for all games. On the first game with the ₿ brand, our attacker Antoine Baroan stormed Levski to score Botev’s first goal with a ₿-branded jersey. This move was immediately welcomed by Bitcoiners around X and Nostriches across the web.

3. A Special Offer: 10% Discount on Bitcoin Purchases

To encourage our fans to engage with Bitcoin, Botev offered a 10% discount on all purchases made with bitcoin in our fan shops and on the stadium. And who doesn’t love discounts? Our fans do as well, which is why we decided to extend this offer throughout December.

4. Bitcoin ATM at the Fan Shop

In order to make Bitcoin tangible and to make the 10% discount available even to Bitcoin newbies, the club partnered with CryptoDesk.bg which installed a Bitcoin ATM at our downtown fan shop. This new feature simplifies Bitcoin transactions for our fans, catering to both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers embarking on their Bitcoin journey.

5. Bridging Communities: Monthly Bitcoin Meetups

Even before the Botev FC’s first official Bitcoin announcement the club initiated regular monthly Bitcoin meetups, creating a platform where Botev fans and Bitcoin enthusiasts could mingle, exchange ideas, and strengthen our community bonds. It has been inspiring to have an average of 40 people coming to every meetup. Are you visiting Plovdiv? When you do, join us at club Fargo every first Tuesday of the month from 19:30.

6. Bitcoin Journalist Joe Nakamoto Visited Botev

Adding to the excitement, we had the pleasure of hosting Joe Nakamoto, who is soon releasing a mini-documentary about Botev Plovdiv. 

“The most historic team in Bulgaria adopting this new ‘magic’ internet currency that very few people understand, and I wanted to be a part of it.”

His visit underlines the growing interest in our club’s tech-savvy steps and the potential impact on the world of football and finance.

During his visit, Joe joined our Bitcoin meetup, featuring an insightful talk by Zhoro Nikolov on the synergy between football and Bitcoin. He also witnessed the Canaries’ thrilling 3:1 victory over Pirin:

7. First Podcast Appearance: Business Bitcoinization

George Manolov, our Bitcoin Director, recently took the stage at the Business Bitcoinization podcast about Botev FC’s strategic Bitcoin adoption. He outlined the reasons, vision, and plans, highlighting this as a step towards global recognition and elevating Botev FC to the international level it deserves to play at..

A Wave of International Recognition and Support

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this one-month milestone, we look forward to continuing this journey of improving team performance and integrating Bitcoin into our club’s fabric. We’re committed to being at the forefront of innovation, and we can’t wait to share this exciting future with our fans.

Join us in this journey, both on and off the field!
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