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Ботев - ЦСКА 1948

Dramatic draw in Stara Zagora

Botev Plovdiv managed to get one point from the visit to Stara Zagora against local Beroe with a last minute goal. The Trakia region Derby ended 1-1 after Beroe scored in the beginning of the first half, and missed few other good opportunities before the break. In the second half Botev played better and had chances by Marian Ognyanov, whose free-kick went just centimeters past the Beroe’s goalpost, and Cvetkov in the 90th minute, whose shot from the penalty area was captured by Beroe’s keeper. He was unable to do anything in the 93rd minute, when a shot again from Cvetkov went in the net for the final 1-1.

This was the second game for the Bulgarian championship. Now Botev have 4 points, after a win over Lokomotiv Sofia in the first round.

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